We Turn Recycled Plastic Bottles into High Fashion!

Can you believe that we developed a fabric out of recycled plastic bottles? Truth! We make a very fine quality polyester from them; better to re-purpose something and transform it into something better than having it clutter and damage our oceans and land. This is a win-win situation for the environment and our ecologically advanced apparel. We've combined these fine threads with bamboo and recycled cotton to make stripes and solids for our whisper thin tee fabrics. And you won't believe the hand: sheer yumminess.

This pile of plastic bottles becomes a scrumptious dress by GGO.
(Sneak peak at our Fall 2012 Maya evening dress to the right.)

Style #4007, our brand new Maya 2-tone Evening Dress
top portion is made from recycled plastic bottles
(our famous 60/20/20 fabric)

Here's a little more technical info:

According to the EPA, plastic accounts for 12% of the total amount of waste we produce. As everyone knows, recycling plastic reduces air, water, and ground pollution. Purchasing products manufactured from recycled materials is one important step of of many to living sustainably.

In a nutshell, here's the process employed to convert a discarded plastic drinking bottle into fabric: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is the name of beverage bottle plastic. Plastic bottles are gathered, compressed, baled, and shipped to processing facilities where they are shaved into flakes, then melted into small white pellets. These pellets are then reduced again, and spun through shower-like nozzles into a viscose fibrous yarn. This yarn is then used to knit fabric and eventually ends up as a progressive piece of clothing from GGO. This technique also uses 30% less energy than making clothes from virgin polyesters.