Organic Yoga Clothes and Vivica Schwartz

GGO fine organic clothiers is one of the few - if only - yoga lifestyle brands whose yoga collection is actually designed by a yoga professional. Vivica Schwartz - a long time practitioner and instructor of vinyasa flow yoga - design assisted and personally tested GGO's women's yoga collection.

eka pada raja kapotasana
vivica schwartz, "eka pada rajakapotasana prep"

In an upcoming new series of videos Vivica explains why she designed these garments the way she did, and why these unique features and special touches set GGO Clothing apart from others. Her considerations included quality of fabric, fit, performance, durability and style, all of which she held to the same exacting standards she holds herself to.

prasarita padottanasasa prep
vivica schwartz, "eka pada rajakapotasana prep"

Vivica lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. When she became involved in GGO it became a concern that most yoga clothing and almost all workout-wear is made out of synthetics derived from petroleum. How did that fit with an organic lifestyle? It seemed there was a lack of logic. Does your skin breathe better when covered with a material that springs from oil? Is there an alternative? Shouldn't there be an alignment with healthy lifestyle choices and what you put on your body? Vivica thinks so and so does GGO.

Admittedly, synthetic fabrics make some great performance pieces. Vivica, however, wanted to marry the performance synthetics give to active wear with Organics. We have achieved this with our bamboo fabrics, and we invite you to see for yourself!

video: real life yoga, "malibu headstand"

Another concern was the dusty old image people held of 'organics', once upon a time. Until GGO came along, most organic clothing conveyed images of 'granola, burlap and sandals'; Vivica was very clear, however, she intended her collection to be highly designed, and yet it's making be not detrimental to the environment.

Thus the uniting of bamboo yarns with varying degrees of lycra to create from scratch our signature fabric. Our dominant yarn for practice apparel, bamboo, lends the pieces the wonderful hand and softness and comfort, while the lycra gives the garments recovery so they hold their shape (and yours!) during practice.