Look Fantastic. Feel Great. Be Kind To Our Planet.

At GGO Clothing, we craft garments for the active urban lifestyle. We are driven by authenticity, a simple, comfortable yoga aesthetic, and kindness to our planet. Every garment tells a story through its unique styling, luxurious fabrics, incredible attention to detail and rich palette.

The Founders

Contemporary fine artist Steve Sas Schwartz founded GGO in the early 1990's in lower Manhattan. His painting lead him to clothing design in a roundabout way. Passionate about street skating in New York, he once upon a time in the mid-'80's opened a really cool skateboard shop in the East Village, Skate NYC. Skate NYC was the first skateboard shop to exhibit fine art. There he applied his visual arts abilities to skateboard graphics and then skateboard clothing design. Below is a vintage video of that era, as well as photos. After Skate NYC, in 1992 he created the Global Ghetto Organics brand to reflect the apparel requirements and creativity of the city's skaters.

Steve exhibits his paintings in galleries and is widely collected. His contemporary interpretation of figures and the female form as well as his nod to Native American history and culture naturally translate into the apparel he creates.

Early on Steve's streetwear designs attracted the interest of established designers, and he was asked to create design concepts and collaborations for Anna Sui, Kenneth Cole and Susan Hutton, among others. Over the years, through these collaborations, Steve’s passion for tailored clothing and the alignment he found with his yoga-instructor wife, Vivica, GGO evolved into a luxurious yet highly functional collection for both sexes.

Skate NYC documentary "Apple Juice" ©1990 by John Bruce

Enlarge. "untitled", acrylic, gels, charcoal on wood
72" x 49", ©2011 by Steve SAS Schwartz.
Visit sasart.com

Vivica Schwartz
Vivica Schwartz

Vivica Schwartz is a sought-after yoga instructor and serves as product ambassador and inspiration for GGO. Vivica’s high standards for quality and function pared with her refined style aesthetic make her the perfect muse for the products in this ever-evolving line. Vivica reviews, wear-tests and approves all of the women’s items to insure superior performance; she is deeply committed to creating a product line that is best in class both in terms of use and commitment to the environment.

Steve and Vivica relocated to Topanga Canyon in 2002 to embrace a greener lifestyle yet still be in close proximity to the energy of Los Angeles. They are busy raising three beautiful daughters, Cleo (4) and twins, Juno and Harper (17 months) and understand what it means to juggle successful careers and businesses and raise a happy, healthy family. They put tremendous passion and thought into GGO to insure that every product in the line embraces their values.

The Product

Steve and Vivica developed original fabrics from bamboo and other organic fibers, and focused GGO in part on their mutual passion - yoga - and on the active and healthy lifestyle yoga promotes.

Instead of using fabric available to everyone, they chose to push their suppliers to develop textiles that possess superior comfort, performance, and are as green as possible. The results are these unique fabrics that are delicious to touch, wear beautifully, and are extremely durable. The fabrics are created and the garments sewn right here in Los Angeles. This allows for each garment to be expertly tailored while helping to sustain our local communities.

Steve and Vivica don't believe eco-friendly is limited to "granola and sandals" and has to feel like burlap. They offer high-end design, amazing-feeling organic bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. Our collection is extremely versatile and we hope will help you look and feel great in all aspects of your life: practicing yoga, working in the studio, or heading out on the town.

Cleo, Harper and Juno
Cleo, Harper and Juno

A Note on Bamboo

Organic bamboo fabric is famous for its wonderful hand, moisture-wicking and antibacterial features, easy maintenance and lasting quality.

At GGO we respect and treasure our planet's limited water resources. Our bamboo is wild-farmed and uses no agricultural water. In comparison, some cotton tee-shirts require 400 gallons of water just to grow the cotton. Our bamboo is also pesticide and fertilizer free!

Bamboo provides other important benefits. Bamboo is highly-effective at stabilizing land at risk for erosion, such as burn-cleared rain-forest land, and it eliminates greenhouse gases more efficiently than most trees.